Save 10% on 10 Apartments at Brisbane 1 Terms & Conditions

Eligible Sales:

This Promotion applies to Sales of Promotional Stock in R&F’s Brisbane 1 project (‘Participating Development’) during the Promotion Period.

Promotion Period:

The Promotion period commences at 9am AEST on 1 September 2020 and ends at 5pm AEST on 31 October 2020 unless extended in writing by the Developer at its absolute discretion.

Qualifying Sales:

This promotion applies only to sales that:

  1. Are of Promotional Stock in a Participating Development;
  2. Occur during the promotion period;
  3. Are new sales;
  4. Do not relate to nominee sales;
  5. Are to a natural person or persons that are resident in Australia; or an Australian Self-Managed Superannuation funds; and
  6. The Purchaser or Purchasers agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Promotion.

This promotion excludes sales that:

  1. Are not of Promotional Stock in a Participating Development;
  2. Occur outside the promotion period;
  3. Are not new sales;
  4. Relate to the purchase of nomination stock;
  5. Are to corporate or incorporated entities with the exception of superannuation funds;
  6. Form part of a bulk sale, referral program, or any other discount offer or arrangement;
  7. The Purchaser or Purchasers refuse to agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Promotion.

Eligibility Criteria for Qualifying Sales:

To be eligible for the promotion Qualifying Sales must satisfy the following additional conditions:

  1. The unit purchased must be designated ‘Promotional Stock’ by the Vendor of the Participating Development.
  2. The Vendor shall maintain a ‘Promotional Stock Register’ during the promotional period containing the details of all units to which the Promotion applies. This register may be updated or varied by the Vendor of the Participating Development at its absolute discretion at any time during the Promotion Period.
  3. The Purchaser/s must sign an Expression of Interest for their preferred unit and pay a holding deposit of $2,000 to the Vendor’s solicitors trust account prior to the expiration of the Promotion Period.
  4. Within 7 days of signing the Expression of Interest and paying the holding deposit, the Purchaser/s must sign and return a fully and properly executed Contract of Sale to the Vendor or their Solicitor nominated in the Contract of Sale;
  5. Pay the balance of the Deposit by the date required by the Contract of Sale;
  6. Complete the Contract by its scheduled Settlement Date / due date for completion nominated in the Contract of Sale. Contracts which do not settle for any reason or which do not settle on the date nominated in the Contract of Sale shall no longer be eligible for this Promotion;

The Promotion:

On selected apartments at Brisbane 1, R&F will discount the advertised list price by 10%. The Contract Price will be the price after the discount has been applied. For the avoidance of doubt and for example, if the Advertised Price is $600,000, the Contract Price will be $540,000.

Additional Conditions of Promotion:

  1. R&F Property Australia Pty Ltd has and shall exclusively and finally determine:
    • Whether any Sale occurring during the Promotion Period is eligible for this Promotion; this includes:
      • Whether the sale occurred during the promotion period;
      • Whether the sale was a Qualifying Sale;
      • Whether any exclusions apply to the Sale;
      • Whether the Purchaser has complied with the conditions of the Promotion.
    • What the Advertised Price and Contract Price applicable to the Promotion is, which shall be the Contract Sum exclusive of GST and before any settlement adjustments.
  2. R&F reserves the right to extend or terminate this promotion early at any time at its absolute discretion.
  3. The Purchaser/s agree to disclose the existence and terms and conditions of this Promotion to any bank or other financial institution from which they are seeking finance for the purchase of Promotional Stock and agree to indemnify R&F and the Vendors from any liability arising from their failure to disclose the existence or terms and conditions to your bank or other financial institution.